About Loes – Aloha Bonaire

Loes Hak was born in 1975, in a small town in the south of holland. She moved with her family to Bonaire, a small island in the caribbean, in 2017. On the island she got the oppertunity to paint a mural, after that she was addicted. She had allways done creative stuff but never found her passion until 2017. 

In the past she wrote a dinner theater show, directed and played in it. She owned a bed and breakfast, gave workshops and loved to derocate her place. All this felt very exiting but got ordenary after a while. But not painting, in painting a wall or a canvas (or anything else) she can put all her energy and emotions in to it. Painting is a beautiful way of expressing herself and letting go of the outside world.

Today she still lives on Bonaire, contact her on this website for any projects, assignments or just for a chat!

My Favorite Projects