Project: Art Hotel - Full Mural

Art Hotel The name says it all, the art hotel was plain yellow. the troepiaal (bird) is a tipical carribean

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Project: Dushi Bonaire

  An assigment with total freedom. The only request was something with social media and the old mural had some

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Project: Altos de Caño Hondo

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Project: Zeezicht Bar & Restaurant

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Project: It Rains Fishes

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Project: The Fat Dog

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Project: Its gonna be oke

  This mural was made in the beginning of the covid period.  After multipal bad news i was very sad.

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Project: Meet and Eat Restaurant

This cool place needed some love, i chose multipal different subjects. On the outside there is the abstract, the logo

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Explore the vibrant world of street art on the enchanting island of Bonaire, where every corner tells a unique story through colorful murals and captivating wall art. From the bustling streets of Kralendijk to the serene landscapes of Rincon, Bonaire’s urban canvas is adorned with stunning displays of creativity and expression. Immerse yourself in the island’s rich cultural tapestry as you discover hidden gems and larger-than-life masterpieces created by local and international artists alike. Whether you’re a seasoned art enthusiast or simply seeking inspiration, Bonaire’s street art scene promises an unforgettable journey filled with beauty, passion, and boundless imagination.

Aloha, here you can find the places of my (street)art.

Hi I'm Loes

Loes Hak was born in 1975, in a small town in the south of holland. She moved with her family to Bonaire, a small island in the caribbean, in 2017. On the island she got the oppertunity to paint a mural, after that she was addicted. She had allways done creative stuff but never found her passion until 2017. 

In the past she wrote a dinner theater show, directed and played in it. She owned a bed and breakfast, gave workshops and loved to derocate her place. All this felt very exiting but got ordenary after a while. But not painting, in painting a wall or a canvas (or anything else) she can put all her energy and emotions in to it. Painting is a beautiful way of expressing herself and letting go of the outside world.

Today she still lives on Bonaire, contact her on this website for any projects, assignments or just for a chat!

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